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  • ​$56,808.20 ​- Special Needs Grants - medical bills, therapies, adaptive equipment/technology, and seminar attendance.

Who Is Aiden McVicker?

  • $29,600 - High School Scholarships - students continuing their education in a field that will benefit children with special needs.  We encourage these ambassadors to return back to the area to increase the resource pool.

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30th Annual CCVI Trolley Run
Sunday, April 29th, 2018
Largest 4 mile run/walk in the world! Benefits school where Aiden attended.  Time depends upon your entry.
2017 Schedule of Events
11th Annual Aces Fore Aiden Golf Scramble
Friday, May 4th, 2018
3 Person Golf Scramble.  Play at your own schedule.
11th Annual Aces Fore Aiden Golf Scramble
Saturday, May 5th, 2018
3 Person Golf Scramble.  Shotgun starts at 7 AM and 1 PM.
4th Annual Co-Ed Sand Volleyball 
4th Annual Crossroads Crush Art, Music & Spirit Festival

Thank you for the wonderful memories!  We enjoyed the opportunity to serve and entertain you.

"Halloween on the Green" Golf Tournament

Saturday, October 6th, 2017

4 Person Golf Scramble at Fairview Golf Course in St. Joseph, MO.  Thank you to our wonderful partners, Kurt and Lanie Fuehrer!


Taking sign-ups now for the 11th Annual golf Tournament!!!  Register soon to get your optimum tee time!!!   

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Aiden McVicker is the 16 year old son of Jamey and Amy McVicker.  He resides in their Cameron home with two siblings, Avery 14, and Addison 11.  Aiden has an extraordinary spirit and an unmatched love of life that the world needs to know.   

Aiden was born on May 4th, 2001 with bilateral anophthalmia.  This means that he was born without eyes or any eye structure (optic chiasm, nerve, etc.).  As a result, Aiden does not possess vision or light perception.  His treatment, as of now, concentrates on protecting the ocular cavity and associated sinuses by preventing the frontal bone from collapsing in on the voided area.  This treatment has entailed four surgeries thus far.  The most recent involved using “hydrogel expanders”, a cutting edge prosthesis for the United States.  These implants are inserted and sutured into the orbital void to provide the pressure necessary to prevent collapse.   

Aiden’s spine developed neuromuscular scoliosis at the age of 4.  He endured a corrective brace for 1 year with no improvement.  In June of 2006, it was deemed necessary that surgical intervention was needed before the curve progressed more, or Aiden’s quality of life would be diminished and drastically reduced.  While undergoing testing for the corrective spine surgery, it was found that his lower spinal cord would need untethered to allow the spinal cord to be extended.  This meant another spine surgery in October 2006 to prepare for “the big one.”    

In January of 2007, this 6 year old boy then underwent a 6 hour “growth rod” spine surgery, comprised of 2 rods inserted on each side of the spine.  They are then anchored in the hips and upper vertebrae by screws.  He spent 5 days in ICU on a ventilator and other support monitors.  On the 6th day he was released to a regular room and was home the next day.  Biannual surgeries are required as Aiden grows. During these procedures, an adjustable “connector” is accessed to lengthen, compensating for growth.  Aiden endured one “final” surgery to fuse his spine this past October.  It was a 9 hour procedure with an expected 4 week hospital stay.  Aiden, overcoming a few obstacles, fought through recovery wonderfully and made it home after 6 days!  His recovery was made even faster being home in his familiar surroundings.

Aiden’s mom, Amy, has been employed with the City of Cameron, MO for 14 years.  Dad, Jamey, is in his 18th year as a Firefighter with the City of St. Joseph, MO.  Aiden is the most fun-loving, trusting and hard-working kid one could meet.  The moment you hold him, see him smile or hear his giggle, you realize that he gives so much of himself to you.  He cannot verbally express his strong spirit, but he knows how to love even though he has had to fight for every second to do it!  Aces Fore Aiden was established to honor him and his spirit.  It is the wish of his parents that he understands love, touch as many peoples’ lives as possible and that his All-American spirit be witnessed and duplicated.

Proceeds from the tournament benefit The Aiden McVicker Charitable Fund, which assists specialized schools & organizations, such as CCVI of KC, and UCP of St. Joseph, etc.  Monies will also be used to assist families in the area needing assistance for educational classes/conferences, adaptive devices, etc. for their child’s special needs.  Other donations to include but not limited to:  Assistance for camps, competitions, other sports/cultural booster activities, and scholarships.

The Aiden McVicker Charitable Fund
​                A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit incorporation to benefit children with special needs and their families.   In an effort to build resources in the region, scholarships are considered and awarded to those entering into a field that would support these children
  • $3450 ​- Organizational Support - Financial assistance to those that have a similar mission such as UCP and CCVI.